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Sexual Abuse and Trauma 
We are exploring perceptions of sexual abuse and resiliency in survivors of trauma.
Large-scale Disasters 
Forensic Psychology
At Mosaic, we believe in not only  keeping up to date with the latest research in our field to assist our clients, but also contributing to the clinical community by being active in our own research. We direct and are principal investigators in the Clinical Psychology Research Center in the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University. We welcome correspondence from other researchers who are interested in collaborating with us.
In collaboration with the Polling Institute at Monmouth University, we are examining the impact of Superstorm Sandy on the mental health of New Jersey residents.
We are developing research projects related to sexual abuse civil litigation as well as resiliency and support groups within prison populations.
Internet Fandom
We are investigating stigma toward those who participate in Internet fandom.
Relational Aggression
Racial Identity
We have explored correlates and potential long-term outcomes of relational victimization.
We are interested in racial identity models and the impact of race, especially as they pertain to transracial adoptees and their White adoptive families. 
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